Heather Rodriguez

Regional Sales Director
Phone: (480) 249-3642

Serving the areas in the Mountain Region

Heather and her dynamic AHS team are responsible for developing solid client relationships and growing real estate revenue in the Mountain Region. "Our team is focused on providing value-based solutions directly through our real estate channel and working to develop a network of agents who will promote and utilize AHS as a core part of their business," Heather says.

With an extensive sales management background, Heather has managed sales teams throughout the West Coast from New Mexico to Washington State. She has been actively involved in various local organizations such as the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and the Arizona Association of Economic Development (AAED).

Heather is a proud Arizona Native and resides in Gilbert, Arizona, with her husband, Jesus, and sons, Noah and Nicholas. "Our family enjoys spending time outdoors doing a variety of activities," Heather says. "We avidly follow Noah's baseball team and Nicholas's football team."

In addition to industry related associations, Heather gives back to the community by volunteering to teach business courses through Junior Achievement and by volunteering to raise funds for organizations that support education for children and woman.

"I am eager to get to know my real estate clients and learn about the specific challenges they face to help formulate solutions for them," Heather says.