Ashley Perdue

Account Executive
Phone: (803) 409-9988

Serving the areas of AR/IN/KS/MA/MD/ME/MO/NH/VT/WI

"I really enjoy my job!" says AHS Account Executive Ashley Perdue. "I'm here to assist you and your clients with all your home warranty needs. My goal is to educate my customers on the many advantages of having an AHS Home Warranty, and to provide the best service to you that I possibly can in an efficient manner. I understand that your time is valuable and that you don't have any of it to waste."

Serving real estate clients in AR/IN/KS/MA/MD/ME/MO/NH/VT/WI, Ashley brings her experience as a real estate sales associate and a consumer sales associate to the table, as well as several awards. She was named a Real Estate Top Sales Associate in 2007, and a Top Cross Trained Real Estate Sales Associate in 2009 and 2011. She also received recognition in 2007 for Real Estate Sales Outstanding Quality Monitoring. Ashley holds a diploma in business office technology and is currently a business student of Marketing Management.

Ashley and her husband, Marco, have two children, Alexis and Xay. "They are such blessings to us," she says. "We really enjoy doing a lot of fun family things, such as going to amusement parks, having family movie nights, playing video games and, most important, family devotion time. I’m a liturgical dancer who enjoys listing to good praise and worship music. I also enjoy writing."

A self-described go-getter, Ashley prides herself on her perseverance and dedication. "I’m self-motivated, when I begin a task I diligently work on it until it's complete," she says. "Get your clients covered with the nation's leader in home warranties, AHS. Contact me today!"