Adrienne Cobb

Account Executive
Phone: (855) 786-5497

Serving the area of Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Maryland, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

The foundation for Adrienne Cobb's real estate education began before she entered college and the working world. "Working for my family's real estate brokerage as an adolescent introduced me to the professional world of real estate sales," Adrienne says. "The work experience I gained as a teenager helped me to realize my knack for the fine art of business operations, as well as, the enjoyment I get from working with people."

Adrienne later merged her formal college education into the world of real estate investments, becoming a licensed Realtor and Residential Certified Intern Appraiser - starting what would become a multi-faceted career. "I've partnered with companies to offer my services in real estate sales and marketing, residential appraisals, REO-Broker Price Opinions/Broker Opinion of Values, HOA escrow demands and commercial property management," Adrienne says.

Today, Adrienne brings over 12 years of real estate industry experience and versatility to her American Home Shield Account Manager position - serving real estate clients in Indiana and Wisconsin. "As a Realtor, AHS was my primary recommendation to clients for home warranty protection because of the company's brand reputation and product comprehensiveness," she says. "When I was offered the opportunity to join the AHS team within the ServiceMaster umbrella, I went full force ahead and relocated to become a part of this world-class company."

Adrienne enjoys volunteering for community programs when she has the opportunity and playing Chess is one of her favorite choices of entertainment. "I also enjoy traveling; having visited most of the U.S. and some international destinations. I've discovered travel is an invaluable way to learn the uniqueness of the land and the culture of people within," Adrienne says.

"It's interesting how everyone and everything in the world has an impact on the world," she continues. "I find wonders in life when it comes to meeting people. I often consider the connection I may have to a person beyond the apparent reason I've encountered them. In the past, I've found fascinating ties. I've learned the same is true for some others I know. Life is just plain interesting!"

Combining her interest in people and places with her wide range of real estate knowledge, Adrienne brings a unique perspective and energy to her job and to her AHS real estate clients.